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Men’s Ministry

In Australia today, 80 per cent of suicides are men, and suicide is the leading cause of death for men under the age of 44. Men are more vulnerable to various disorders at all ages across the lifespan, engage in more health risk behaviours but less help-seeking, and are less likely to have strong and supportive social networks.

Bluntly, men are more likely to experience difficulties, and less likely to get help. It’s a bad combination.

Park Road aims to change that. From exploring what a clear, Christian male role model we have in Jesus to helping men navigate and prioritise the demands and responsibilities of life, and finding rest in a restless world.

We’ve resources to help with depression, porn addiction, isolation, bachelordom, marriage and fatherhood. We host events for men to connect with each other, from beer tasting nights to barista courses and bbq classes.

The whole point is: blokes aren’t designed to ‘just man-up’ and push through alone. Park Road Men get together regularly to talk friendship, purpose, purity, rest and identity. Come along to one of our events, check out the resources page, or attend a Sunday meeting. Contact us for more information.

Women’s Ministry

What hat do you wear as a woman? Working: full-time, part-time, unpaid? Mother, wife, widow, singledom?

Whether it’s balancing work and family, the challenges of motherhood, caring for ageing parents, a single mum, stressed over your career or your relationships – at Park Road we want to celebrate with you during times of joy and support you during times of challenge.

We’ve resources to help with depression, stress, parenthood, marriage and the single life. We host events for Park Road women to get together to share, support and learn from each other, and explore the freedom God and Jesus offer us. We’d love you to come along to one of our events or attend a Sunday meeting. Contact Contact us for more information.

Young Adult’s Ministry

18-35 years is a broad range, right? You’ve the right to vote, but you may not have the finances to move out of home. On the one hand, all the youth challenges such as bullying, family conflict and suicide exist. But in a few short years you add in carving a career niche, possibly meeting your husband or wife to be, the early days of a new marriage, the idea of parenthood, the best time to have children or, as so many couples now face, the challenges of conception and infertility.

Park Road explores young adulthood from a clear, Christian perspective. We help you navigate and prioritise the demands and responsibilities of this broad new stage of life. We’ve resources to help with getting and staying married, and becoming financially well-organised. We also meet regularly for connection and community. Come along to one of our events or our Young Adults Sunday gathering. Contact us for more information.


We believe God carries us when we are too young to know we need it, and when we are too old to walk on our own. Yet ageism, social isolation and the concept of “ageing as a burden” are Australian issues Park Road is concerned about.

As Psalm 71:9 reminds us: Do not cast me off in the time of old age; forsake me not when my strength is spent.

If you seek community, please visit one our seniors events during the week, or why not visit a Sunday gathering and stay for a cuppa afterwards? Our traditional prayer book service is popular with our senior community, but all generations have wisdom and lessons to offer so if you prefer our other youth or family gatherings, you are welcome! Contact our office or call us for more information.