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Sunday Meetings


Traditional Anglican Prayer Book Service

Continuing the rich tradition of the Anglican Prayer Book (1978 Australian Edition), this service is structured, quiet, yet friendly.

It is designed to feel ‘at home’ for people who have grown up with an Anglican Prayer Book. It is ‘liturgical’ in style, which means we read things together like a creed (a statement of belief) or a prayer (like the Lord’s Prayer). The words of the statements are found in the Prayer Book, which we hand out at the door.

Stay and enjoy morning tea with us after the service.


Family Service (with children’s program)

This service is contemporary and relaxed, with a special focus on the needs of families with kids from créche to year 6. We meet to sing, to pray, to hear God’s word opened and explained.

The kids head out to a kids program shortly after the meeting begins, where the Bible is brought to life through a mix of activities. Kids church at Park Road Anglican is fun, noisy and even messy!

We enjoy morning tea each week after the meeting, and lunch together as a congregation once a month.


Night Church

Night Church is a modern style service. The perfect service for youth, young adults, and those with teenage kids – but really, a pretty wide range of ages find this suits their style – it’s loud and we like to enjoy ourselves. If that sounds like a church you’d like to be part of, please come along and have a look!

Like our other Sunday meetings, the focus is always on Jesus and his word. We hear from the Bible, we pray together, and we sing together.

During term time we have dinner after the service.


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